Another Reboot

It’s time for another business-site reboot. For far too long this web domain has been a general throw-away placeholder: it’s time to redefine and rebuild.

I can’t count anymore how many web sites I’ve created, published, forgotten, etc. My first one dates back to 1997 when I was first learning my HTML. Over these last twelve years I’ve learned a lot of technologies and best practices (and “worst practices”) and applied all of them to personal web sites.

This past year has been one of great learning. Exactly one year ago I was pretty proficient in XHTML (and XML/XSLT, but that’s rarely¬†applicable) but my client-side JavaScript and CSS were lacking. What can change in a year! I’ve hand coded web pages for major corporations (like, Fortune 500) in New York City and London. I’ve gotten my hands dirty with jQuery and Dojo and plenty of advanced CSS. I’ve seen what these corporations do, for better or (usually) for worse, and it’s time to take these learnings and apply them—and blog about them.

I’ve also been intimately involved on the other end of the spectrum—a truly “small” business in its¬†infancy: Studio Scroggie. Among all the super-advanced blogging and CMS software I’ve used, this time I chose to build the site in Apple’s iWeb software. Why? Well, that’s a discussion that’ll wait for one of my first blog entries.

So without further ado… I’ve got some more building to do!